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You are entering into a whole new world of collage creation which in reality is quite ancient. From the earliest cave art to our modern day forms of making personal cut and paste posters, humans have actually been questing for several millennium with a collage like method. This is a co-creative approach of embarking on a spiritual journey or quest and following your own Guidance each time you begin to create a collage.

Life itself is like a collage and a quest. We are daily cutting and pasting our lives as we go along, in many more ways than we realize. We are also always in a state of searching and discovering new things about ourselves and the world around us. Every day we are piecing new nuggets of life experience together, best we can, based on each day’s input.

For me, collage is a form of spiritual practice that I've been exploring in various forms for several decades. Although it had been tucked in the background for years at a time, collage re-entered my life in a rather dramatic way in 2002 like some mysterious, colorful download during a waking dream. Since then, it has never left my side. It dramatically reached out and began guiding me toward a whole new occupational arena, one I remain passionate and enriched to follow.

This approach to collage, which I both teach and share in my client readings, is a practice of deep, inner soul searching with cross-cultural roots. My practice, which I call Collage Quest is the ancient ancestor of Vision Boards. It is like the long forgotten great-grandmother for our modern day understanding of alchemy.

There are three parts of any quest with collage: Color, Ceremonies and Dreams.

Color speaks a rich yet very gentle language all its own which can be accessed through the medium of collage. To quest with collage one begins by learning to fine tune your unique color intuition. For each collage, you approach it in a sacred manner which begins and ends with Color. Along the way you’ll discover how to access collage's ability to teach us Shapes-Shifting with paper forms of color and images. With Color we can learn to see everything with new eyes, to tell a clear story which doesn’t need any words.

Collage Cards

The next step is the preparatory Ceremonies. Experiencing a true Collage Quest requires that you pay attention at all times, on multiple levels to what is happening around you, in all parts of your life. Within Ceremonies we can learn to commune with many levels of existence. Here we can also learn to Quest with Collage by playing with Synchronicity.

And finally there are our ever present Dreams. Not just the dreams we have while we are asleep. And not mere daydreams, which we often like to dismiss our ever present musings as being. But also there are those other kinds of dreams that lie somewhere betwixt and between these two. I call this the 'Tween Time, as did my Celtic ancestors. Collage Quest is all about learning to slip into this dreamy state of the 'Tween Time as you co-create new visions into paper form. This is where the mystery of Color, Ceremonies, paper and paste all come together to express visually the depth and meaning of all Dreams.

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Human history is a collage of decisions...It is time for us to choose anew.

John Perkins